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What is PURSUIT 2019?

Personal Growth
Professional Development
Exclusive Collaboration with Experts Across the Globe

Pursuit 2019 is THE cutting-edge opportunity for continuous Personal and Professional Growth!  Pursuit 2019 is a collaboration like no other, liberating you from the decision to invest your time in a personal growth seminar OR a professional development conference.  PURSUIT 2019 closes this gap and NOW, you can have it all!  With global, national, and local visionary speakers sharing their expertise in every monthly gathering, you will be educated, motivated, and inspired to continuously pursue your own personal and professional development.

Become a PURSUIT member

Are you an influencer?  Are you in constant pursuit of personal and professional growth?  Do you value learning and development?  Are you ready to join forces with other visionary influencers like yourself?  PURSUIT 2019 is waiting for you!  Become a Member today!



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